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To be eligible to take part in a medical trial will depend on the type of medical trial or the nature of the research being conducted.

For instance, there are medical trials that involve healthy volunteers and others that involve special volunteer populations for example, a certain race or even patients suffering from and existing medical condition.

When registering their interest to take part in medical trials, the volunteer will be provided with a list of criteria that will define whether or not he or she is suitable to take part in the study. For example, if Tom is a healthy non-smoker aged 22 and the medical trial states that the research is being conducted in healthy non-smoking males aged between 18 and 35, this means Tom will be suitable for the study.

All volunteers are still required to undergo a series of stringent tests to check that he or she is in good health as determined from safety blood and urine tests, physical examination, ECG and 24-hour heart monitoring, and most importantly, to check that it is safe for the volunteer to take part in the trial.

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