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Medical Trials London

What are medical trials

In order for any pharmaceutical company to obtain a license to supply a drug for general use it must first conduct extensive research into that particular drug.  A medical trial is very much the last step in what has been a long and extensive process of data collection and safety checks so the trial is usually a very safe form of final data collection and will allow the relevant body to confirm it is safe for human use.

Exprt clinical research organisations are usually used by government departments and pharmaceutical companies to conduct the medical trials. Their use allows for greater breadth of trial and therefore better results that may have been obtained by a cheaper and therefore smaller trial held by the company itself. 

The use of medical trials can often have a purpose beyond just that of the individual drug being tested. Sometimes the information and data gathered within that trial allows for the development of new chemical entities that can in turn be created into medicines.

Without volunteers, none of the above could happen.  All volunteers are usually healthy individuals and their participation can be from 3 days to 1 week. 

Reassurance should be gained from the knowledge that no drug reaches the medical trials stage without the almost certain knowledge that it will cause no more than perhaps some unpleasant side effects.  The tests are all undertaken within an hospital environment and volunteers usually recieve a free health check. 

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